Why are Smart and Rich Women Less Successful in Dating?

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3 min readApr 26, 2022


Women would not date a partner or not get with a prospective mate that did not make more than they did, and only 48% of men shared that view. You know no, sorry, go ahead. You have an ever-increasing group of high performing women competing for an ever-decreasing group of ultra high performing men. The choice is that the analogy that I always use is the same as being the tall girlfriend.

Women want to date a man?

Now, if you’re a six-foot-one without heels on the woman, you’re looking at professional athletes because, on average, women want to date a man about 21 centimeters taller than her. Yes, that’s another yes statistic pulled there. Interestingly men prefer to date a woman 16 centimeters or 12 centimeters shorter than him.

So even in that, and this is such a perfect example, right women want them to date a man on average that’s 21 centimeters taller. Men, on average, want to date a woman that is 16 centimeters shorter. We have a disparity, and we prefer a man and the importance of a woman both moving in opposite directions but not marrying up.

Men are attracted to youth and fertility:

Yes, so the missing point here is not just a woman’s preference because, from the conversation we’re having, we’re discussing female mate preferences. But what is lost here are male choices that they’re looking for in perspective made, so we talk about women. I haven’t even spoken about the fact that men don’t matter but even looking at what men desire in a partner.

There you know, there’s that notion that there’s a new 18-year-old every day, so these women who are achieving quite a bit, economically speaking, educationally speaking, will be, on average, much older than women just entering the bloom of their lives. So they’re competing against women who are, on average, more attracted or more attractive to males because if it is the case that men are attracted to youth and fertility, you’re down, you’re behind the eight ball.

If you’re 35 with a PHD competing against an 18-year-old and 18-year old that just doesn’t hasn’t have that much life experience but is quite attractive to uh works at Starbucks. Still, she’s fertile as it’s a tough sell, and it’s an unfair dynamic. The asymmetries go down, man, I mean, you said, so here’s another thing that some of the listening girls may have realized if being smart joining with rich men dating.


And rich and high status is negatively correlated with men being attracted to you and with success in millionaire dating relationships, which may lead some women to signal that they are less intelligent, less educated, and less wealthy. I think that you found a study that showed women under-reporting their education level in certain circumstances when around men. This is correct, so this is referencing, I believe, a Harvard business school study.

So looking at declarations of, you know, personal success or wanting to become something later on down the line and when it was the case that uh women could confidentially report their ambitions, they would do so honestly. Still, when it was known that people would realize or recognize them, they would tamp down their dreams to not make it seem as though they were ambitious, and it logically links the fact that they’d be less attractive to a man because she was a boss career woman.

A woman uh goes above the average IQ. Yes, she’s 30 less likely to get married, and I can state the exact statistics. Hence, it was a study conducted by four universities in the uk. It was found that for every 16 point increase in a man’s IQ, his prospect of marriage increases by 35 per cent but for every 16 point increase in a woman’s IQ, her prospect of marriage decreases by 40 per cent? What do we do about that? What do you do about that statistic? I don’t know that you do anything.