What Women Really Want In A Partner

Millionaire Match Dating
4 min readMar 15, 2022


Well, we did it all the time. How’d you get into matchmaking? For you know, the local temple hooks up all the divorced women. I guess oh a lot of divorces went back in the 60s, so my grandmother would do it. What would they think of your style of magic? Oh, I don’t know, I’m pretty tough. They weren’t like that. They were sweet, they’re nice, they were. I’m one of those occult like a truth seer.

So my friend would probably love it. My grandmother would like to stop with the potty mouth, you know, now you match millionaires with singles, how do you weed out gold? Oh, it’s straightforward; I make them sign paperwork. We have a stringent code of conduct in the club.

If I find a woman or a man, there are male gold diggers, and two are hunting and fishing for gold; they’re out. The clients told me at the college tournament your relationship service relationships are genuine relationships. I want women to make money, if not more, than men sometimes. What’s the difference between what a millionaire man or a millionaire woman is looking for? Millionaire women like to trade up? They don’t want to, and you know they don’t want to be a mommy in the relationship.

Right, because that’s what happens. You find a lot of LA guys are slackers sitting on the couch, lazy lions not asking you out, so they want smart, independent men who are strong as they are because then you can spar at the table and hit the bedroom toe I think successful women they really would like for the man to be as successful you don’t have to be as successful.

You have to be good with your money and smart, you know, like it can be a little bit slower. Still, you’re generous is a big deal. A lot of men hold on to their money and are stingy now. Wealthy men are looking for what these older men think they can get the 25-year-old girls. They don’t realize like as they age, she’s going to be wheeling around in the nursing home, you know and then she’s going to go into your bank account.

And clean it up. What are some of your rules for millionaire dating? Well, I mean, the number one rule is to go on a date without expecting to wait, you know, when they got to look across the room. They see that that man or that woman that’s my wife that’s my husband you don’t know these people, so you got to do your due diligence you got to get under the hood of the car and find out what motors them what makes them tick what it’s like at home what’s it like in their work what’s it like in their lifestyle.

Most people are like, oh you’re cute, I’m attractive, let’s go, you know nothing about them, that’s what people don’t take the time because they’re on their phones. They’re looking down the whole time. What are your rules about se* well, I have nose* before monogamy because if you want to get married, you want to get into a serious rich men dating relationship? You know I thought of the playbooks from your book. You know I’ve been doing the same thing you’ve been doing forever.

Which are you don’t give the cue know the cookie away for free you know this is the Golden Goose you see what man. If I could get women to understand your value, it would be incredible. You don’t know that you have the one thing that man can’t live without, period we cannot ask crazy man, so we continue this through now I’m a woman I can tell you it’s true it is the biggest lesson you could learn.

You are so valuable, man stop, they don’t know they’re the deal they see, think that the male is the deal they don’t know they’re the deal there is no man more valuable than you. You have to understand that men who have value are looking for someone who values themselves that way because he already got money, so now all he wants is a woman who loves herself that way, so when you give it to him, he knows.

Now, this belongs just to me. She isn’t going on a trip. She is going to pass it out. She’s just for me, cool. What kind of house do you want? I’m going to work out in the rain . What type of car you want Drive what you want to fly, he’ll do all that just when you go over there. Can that still be mine cool if you’re sitting there thinking I sure would love to see those regularly.