What It’s Like To Date Someone With Herpes

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3 min readJan 10, 2022


What it’s like to date somebody with herpes, so life with herpes com has been a repository of information for people living with herpes like myself. Still, it’s also been an excellent destination for people who do not have herpes but are looking to date somebody with herpes or the person they like. I’ve told them they have herpes, and there is a ton of great information on there, so it’s an excellent spot for both sides.

Right now, here’s the thing: if the person that you’re people with dating or wants to date or whatever has told you that they have herpes, this is awesome. This is a great thing. The reason why it’s great is this person cares about you, and this person puts you before them, and they put their pride aside and tell you that they have herpes.

So I want to invite you to acknowledge that that’s a tough conversation for us with herpes. It’s terrifying. Perhaps the person cried, the person was shaking, maybe the person who knows right, it’s just a frightening thing because we like you right. We don’t want the rejection of somebody that does not have herpes to think poorly of us or anything like that, and so I want you to acknowledge that so if you need to go back in till that person and go ahead and do that, so here’s the thing when you told you to have herpes.

Or when the person tells you that they have herpes, a couple of things are going to happen your answer is going to be I have it too, or you’re going to be like no let me run for the hills, or it’s going to be okay let me think about this I need to know more or are you just not going to care. It’s going to be a quick yes right, and I’ve had all sorts of different responses when I’ve told people that I was dating that I had herpes I’ve had people like in back off I’ve had people like I don’t care never had anyone tell me they have it.

They’ve told me they have oral herpes, but I’ve never had anybody tell me they had genital herpes. Maybe they did, perhaps didn’t, I don’t know. Still, really at this point, I want to invite you to too before it’s a quick no. Please understand what Herpestes is because I’ve had people tell me their personal stories of having this girl they liked. She told him she had herpes and he was like, ooh, get away from me. It turns out as he’s telling me this story, he had herpes too.

He didn’t even know he had it. He had oral herpes. He didn’t realize oral herpes was the same as genital herpes, so my point is that education will be your best thing here, so take the time to educate yourself on herpes. I have practically everything you’d want to know and even more on life with herpes com it’s an fan page, so life with herpes dating there spends it spend some time there I have a lot of great information there so learn everything.

You can learn about herpes, but that’s really what I want to invite you to do so before it’s a quick no-look at it before even if it’s a maybe look at it even if it’s an immediate yes. I want you to know as much as you can about this virus because it will be beneficial to your partner. They will feel comforted that you have taken the time to understand what’s going on. You’ve taken the time to protect yourself and protect your partner.