How do busy people date when they’re interested?

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3 min readDec 23, 2021


Some more questions and answers, and this one is about time constraints and dating. Hence, it applies to you no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, whether you’re the one that has time constraints or you’re the one who’s millionaire dating something of the time constraint this came through from a lady who is divorced okay. She’s asking me this question okay, what do you do when there are dependent children involved? This is a part of the challenge and limits the time available for dating and connecting with a boyfriend.

Now I understand that this is about a lady with minor dependence once I get that, but it could be anything. It could be that you’re a pilot, and you’re only in town 20 days out of any month. It could be that you’re starting a new company. Independent of this context, you want to date what we’re talking about. Still, you’re you’ve got these time constraints. The most important thing to correct this is that you distinguish that you’re interested in your partner.

But you have this time constraint, and here’s why if you’re perfect, it’s saying I want to date you. How can we work this out? This is how my day is looking. It’s going to give your partner exactly what they need to know, which is one thing are you using this as a blow-off line because you’re not that interested in me or are you interested because what you’re going to find is that if you’re clear about the fact.

I want to do this. I want to meet you a lot on day two. I’ve got to get a sitter. I can’t do anything until after five o’clock the kids go to bed it could be I can’t do anything until this project ends you see all the people is trying to do on the other end is figure out are you interested do you care or do not care because so many times people are lying to us. We don’t know if we’re being blown off or if there’s something interested. There are a lot of people that have very, very busy lives. How do you know the person’s difference to give you an obvious constant, consistent line of information?

If you are not offered options for the days that are not available, you’re probably being blown off. Never allow this to be into the necklace, and for those of you that are speaking to somebody trying to encourage them to be interested, if you take something away, you’ve got to give something back. I can’t do Saturday. Could we do Sunday afternoon by doing these small things? You’re going to explain to the person on the other end that you are interested in a rich men dating relationship and want to be with them.

So I hope this helps you because it is a question nowadays you know who’s telling the truth which it’s you know it’s so simple yes or no do you want to date us. You don’t want to date us if you want data to make it easy. Make us know that you want to take us and make every effort to be available and work with us on the schedule.

So I hope this helps you pursue a new internet. Thanks a lot for giving me these questions, and they’re fantastic. I appreciate it because one question, even though very specific, applies to so many of us.