8 Signs A Women Likes You

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4 min readMay 10, 2022


Eight signs to look for that a girl right into its number one guys. She is playing with her hair, just like let me tell you guys, so if that woman is playing with her hair, that is a critical sign that she likes you. So, one of the things I will tell you is that I hear from many of you guys. You now know, she’s playing with her hair around you.

That’s a sign that she likes you:

Number two, let’s say you’re at a bar, you’re at a lounge, right, and she’s got her martini or her whatever drink, you know her pinot grigio, whatever her drink of choice might be, and she’s caressing that cup right, and she wants to be caressing you all right. So if she’s like holding her cup as you talk and she’s just caressing that cup, you know, crusting that stem, yes honey, she is showing your side that she likes you guys make sure you are not missing these key signs from us women in millionaire dating.

We’re giving you signs, guys, so that you can feel confident to ask for that number or go to the next step or whatever that may be okay, so make sure you’re looking for that sign, guys, that you can tell that she likes you if she is going to touch you.

The high-quality, beautiful woman that you have always been wanting you:

When I talk to you about getting the woman of your dreams, not talking about that high, quality beautiful gorgeous woman you’ve always wanted, you’ve probably been praying about the lord. I’m praying for this girl, please. Hopefully, she comes up in the bar tonight boom. There she is, there she goes, she’s touching you, listening, high-quality women, beautiful gorgeous women. They don’t have to tell everybody the fact that she’s feeling you guys.

Let me tell you again that it is a critical sign that she likes you; you know it will be like maybe on your hand a soft touch again. It might just be like. You know you’re such a funny kind of shoulder tap or whatever guys look for that sign. Another sign that you want to look for that she likes you is she may be acting a little. You know, socially awkward is what I like to say. Maybe you’ve been around this you know chick before, and she works a certain way.

But today, she’s acting a little bit different; some might deem it a little weird. You know why because you understand that you are making her a little shaky and cheeky every time you come around. Because she’s feeling you, she likes you, so you know does she get around that way around every guy not but the guy that we want you to know energy again is huge guys so that point we’re feeling right so that energy is coming. It makes us go. You know what I’m talking about, so I want you to know.

It might be in your personal space:

Suppose she’s feeling a little shaky, the energy’s weird. It’s changed, and it shifted from typical encounters with her. That’s for you to know that she is digging you again. Guys, do not miss these key signs that I am giving you. Another one is very obvious to women, but let me help you, too. She’s complimenting you guys. That is the most apparent sign, but I know I get it. That’s why you all are here listening to la para mania princess.

This is a sign she’s complimenting you. You smell good. I like the way you put your outfit together. You’re hilarious, and you know you have a beautiful smile. I like the way you smell whatever she’s complimenting you. This high-quality woman, this gorgeous woman, could be talking to anybody and complimenting any guy in the room right she’s complimenting you.

Gives you the confidence to her:

So make sure you do not miss that critical sign that she’s come to your waffle, handsome sexy man and said you’ve got her attention. Another sign that you want to look for guys is that she’s all in your space. Okay, she’s in your area. She might be in your personal space like hey Kika, back up a little bit, but she’s in your space right why because she’s wanting you to know with a non-verbal gesture that hey, I am feeling you, I like you. She is not in every guy’s face, hopefully.

But she’s in your face, so that is a vital sign that she likes you. Ensure that you see that critical sign that gives you the confidence you need to know that woman is feeling you. She likes you another sign you want to look for guys is something that’s kind of, you know, very sensual. It’s the licking of the lips. It might go something like that, right honey? Let me tell you, okay, all my guys out there, all my fellas Los hombre.

She likes you in more ways than just the eye . she might be just ready to go home but listen, she’s a high-quality woman. She can be confident she doesn’t care. She doesn’t mind putting herself out there. We don’t mind saying, hey, I like you, so a lick of the lips is just a sign that I don’t need CarMax, I don’t need any lip balm, I am feeling you. Another one is she dresses sexier than usual. Sometimes you might have noticed her rich men dating.